Health Nutrition and Purity is what Apis as a brand believes in the most. We have always emphasized making people more aware of the importance of eating well to build up immunity and stay healthy.

We all are well aware of the fact that a healthy lifestyle can only be attained by maintaining a healthy diet but keeping into consideration the kind of busy and packed schedules we all follow, it somewhere becomes difficult to meet all the essential nutrients required by the body and we all look for an effective way to achieve the same.

Honey being a product that is obtained directly from nature can do wonders if included in your daily life. Making honey a part of your meals will help you attain a healthy life as it reduces the risk of many chronic diseases and skin-related problems. To spread this message to a greater audience and also to inspire people to adapt to a healthy lifestyle, we chose Milind Soman as our brand face for Apis Himalaya Honey, his personality not only matches with our ethos but is already known for his strictness for the wellness of life.

Milind’s fitness journey has been quite inspirational, and he believes that it is super important to normalize fitness, be it for any age group or gender. Even at the age of 55, he continues to be relevant with his ability to connect with the youth and inspire them to prioritize their health over everything else.

We believe that having Milind Soman as our brand ambassador strengthens us and we surely will make a healthy and solid team together. Milind Soman embodies everything we stand for and supports our ideals and goals. He will not only help us convey our identity and principles in the market but will also draw engaging content to excite and indulge the audience.

Through this association with Milind, we plan to inspire and aware our audience about ways to lead a healthy lifestyle and the importance it holds. To kick start this association, we also partnered with him in The Unity Run. This 420kms run from Mumbai to The Statue of Unity, Gujrat is a tribute to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, on our 75th Independence Day. The run starts on the 15th of August and ends on 22nd of August 21’. According to Milind, his way of keeping the country together and united is through spreading this message of Health and Fitness. We look forward to an exciting partnership together towards building our brand.

In an interview, Milind Soman expressed his joy on this association and said, “I am more than thrilled to associate with Apis Himalaya Honey. I personally feel the brand has a key understanding on the nutritional value that a fitness enthusiast like me needs. Honey is something that I include in my regular diet as it has multiple benefits and Apis Himalaya Honey is one of the finest in its category. I am elated that I am associated with Apis Himalaya Honey as a brand ambassador and it is also on board as an official powered by sponsor for the Unity run.”

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