We all know what a huge impact the Covid-19 pandemic have had over the whole world. Including our health, there were a lot of things that were compromised, but life still needs to go on and so does work. And to continue through these rough times, that too with a hope for a brighter future, one needs to be healthy, both mentally and physically.

If we look at the brighter sight of it, the lockdown has also given people time to consume more and more meaningful content on social media platforms and keep a focus on themselves more than anything else. People are learning more about the ways to keep themselves and their families healthy, through videos and online live sessions.

Keeping the needs of current times in mind, We at Apis, as a brand that comes with a wide range of healthy products, also wanted to connect with our audience through a live streaming session to deliver our tips on healthy living. We know live sessions are the best way to connect with people as they are much more interactive and people tend to learn a lot from these. Apis collaborated with three lifestyle influencers, who are majorly into healthy living and eating.

The very first live conducted was with a Parenting and Lifestyle blogger named Vatsala Mittal Jain, with 3.7k members in her session, she talked about the importance of healthy eating habits and the ways to achieve the same. Vatsala answered many questions that were about, what diet she follows and the tips she would like to share about the same. According to her, one should keep experimenting on what fits your health the most, and it’s very important to learn the pattern of your body type to feed it in the best ways possible. Whether you are looking for weight gain, weight loss, or general health and fitness it’s super important to know your pattern. She was continuously answering all the questions that were coming during the live sessions. In answer to a question from one of the viewers she also shared healthy alternatives for munching and sugar intake as well. Vatsala shared with her audience an amazing fact about how has never used sugar in her kid’s diet and prefers honey more than anything else.

Another live with Shweta Tanwar Mukherjee was about 5 tips of effective weight loss, wherein she shared all the tips and tricks with 9.6k people, as she herself has experienced a weight loss journey. Shweta is lifestyle/wellness & skincare and a mommy influencer too, she is a professional photographer too. She started with how weight loss is something that is not only about how you look or you think about yourself but, it’s more about being a healthy self. Shweta shared the tips that worked the best in her weight loss journey, which was Intermittent fasting, and talked about how this is something that has been followed by Indians for a much longer time. She shared that honey has been the greatest part of her weight loss journey. She believes that honey is a product that has many health benefits and the number of antioxidants present in it benefits everything, from weight loss to giving it to keeping away your kids from the virus and infections.

Honey is something that has many benefits and is also a part of many home remedies that people incorporate in their day-to-day lives. Sharing the same, third live session we had was with Milan Singhal who is a writer and lifestyle influencer, and coming from a place like Banglore, she has experiences a constant change in weather and all the effects it has on one’s health, she shares that honey is the best way to keep yourself and your kids safe from its side effects. As immunity has become the buzzword in the current time, she shared how adding cinnamon and honey to water can make for a perfect blend to boost your immunity. Another amazing combination that works wonders is Honey with lime juice and warm water and she shared that honey lemon water is something that you can drink throughout the day.

Our ulterior motive behind these live sessions was to make people more aware of ways to lead a healthy lifestyle and know the importance it holds, we take huge pride that all of the sessions were successful and we are thankful to everybody for showing support and giving the live sessions so much love and attention.

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