Here we come, making yet another addition to our wide range of healthy food products, APIS CORNFLAKES.
We know, finding a healthy cereal for breakfast now-a-days is quite a challenging task, as some of the most popular brands are filled with hidden additives that are very unhealthy, but we can assure you with the quality of our product as it comes with goodness of five very essential nutrients and comes with a decent serving size too.

There is a reason why breakfasts are considered to be one of the most important meals of the day because as we spend several hours fasting throughout the night, our blood sugar is likely to be low when we wake, so it’s very important to eat a breakfast that’s not going to cause a spike in our blood sugar level, as this could result in a slump by mid-morning and could potentially have us reaching for sweet snacks or caffeine to give us the energy boost we’ll no doubt need and having these blood sugar peaks and troughs is not only detrimental to our energy, focus and concentration in the short-term, but it can ultimately have long-term health implications, such as increasing our risk of diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Apis Cornflakes contains the right balance of ingredients to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and comes with sufficient amount of protein, healthy fat and fibre, which all further help towards supplying us with nutrients vital for functions such as hormone production, growth and repair and immune function.

  • Adding more value to our product range Apis Cornflakes will be available in 30g and 500g pack.
    Consuming 30 gram of corn flakes offers 116.4kcal Energy, 2.0g Protein, 26.5g Carbohydrate, 2.3g Of which sugars, 0.8g Dietary fibre, 0.2g Total fat, 0g Saturated fat, 0g Trans-fat, 0mg Cholesterol, 265.7mg Sodium, 0.6mg Iron.
  • From weight loss to many other health related benefits, Corn flakes are greatly beneficial to our digestive system. They not only are very rich in fibre but can also help a great deal in formation of new cells.
  • Best thing about having Apis Cornflakes as breakfast option is that you can have it in multiple flavors or even customize them with adding dry fruits and fruits to them.
    Apis cornflakes are made with the best quality of corns.
    Cornflakes can also be used for recipes like, Corn flakes chaat, Corn flakes cookies, Corn flakes upma and much more.
  • Apis Cornflakes come with an adequate serving quantity and can definitely help you make your days perfect starting with a healthy breakfast.
  • We aim to bring to you the best quality products, keeping your health in check.

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