Honey & Its benefits

Honey for Healthy India

In recent years Indian consumers have become more health conscious and serious about their quality of food.

In almost all categories there has seen a progressive demand for healthier natural options. This has seen emergence of newer categories; newer products either fusion or by direct imports from the international food palette. A strong influx of international products like health drinks; cold press juices; baked & gluten free snacks to food fusion examples like Masala Oats ;honey oats; honey loops; malt based oat meal bars depict this change.


Honey being a natural supplement to sugar has been witnessing a steady surge in demand. Being a 100% natural product derived out of nectar from the flower and made by honey bees; honey has Zero in fat and zero cholesterol ideally suited for the modern day hectic lifestyle.

It’s the obvious choice for change from Sugar and its benefits have been known to us since ages. A recent consumer preference survey shows consumer purchase pattern across categories driven by factors like purity, health & taste on the top priority. The recent spurt in the rise of number of brands in this category is a testimony to the health benefit that the product offers.

There are various kind of natural honey found in India. Some of the major varieties of Natural Honey are Mustard Honey, Eucalyptus honey, Mountain Honey, Acacia Honey, Wild Forest Honey, Sunflower Honey, Lychee honey, Sidr honey to name a few. The diverse flora of the country makes it conducive to be a lead producer of natural honey if given the right impetus and care for growth.

Honey is also a rich source of carbohydrates, Natural minerals, Vitamins & Enzymes It a perfect natural taste enhancer for food. Right combination of fructose and glucose in honey actually helps the body regulate blood sugar levels in a diabetic patient.

Honey bee farming is also is a boon to an agrarian economy like India; as honey bees in their search for nectar also help plant pollination process and thereby increasing the per hectare field productivity by up to 25%.

The Indian Honey industry is a key forex earner for the country and also provides employment to many a landless farmers (beekeepers).As per the reports; India has exported 38177.08 MT of Natural Honey to the world for the worth of Rs. 706 crore during the fiscal year of 2015-16. Industry is growing at around 15%.

While the domestic honey market estimates both branded & un-branded around (as per industry estimates) is around Rs. 2000 crores the branded honey contributes around Rs 700-800 crores. – Apis India

Apis India – Leading exporter of honey across the world and our own brand Apis Himalaya Honey is now available in Indian Market.

Himalaya Honey has already covered the South Indian Market & spreading strongly in North Indian Market as well. Our rich experience in production & processing of honey making this product unique in taste as well as quality.

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