Immune system is the system of cells that work as antibodies and protect against infections. Due to this pandemic, it’s important for our body to be immune all the time. To make this function proper, it needs harmony and balance in the body. The best possible diets with Apis food products can  increase your immune system effectively.

Let’s go through the list of best Apis food products and diets you can have, which will boost up your immunity system

Apis Honey

Apis honey is rich in calcium, vitamins and minerals. It has antimicrobial properties that kill the bacterial infection. It helps to upgrade the digestive system and increase immunity. Just like glucose and fructose this is also an energetic food. This is also used for weight loss.

  1. Banana Honey Smoothie

This is a rich protein drink and as we know Apis honey and banana is a rich source of minerals and fibre. This smoothie consists of Apis honey, banana, milk, jaggery, and flaxseeds. The topping can be done with blueberries, strawberries and  a variety of nuts.

It can also be made as per your dietary needs and taste. Apis honey adds antioxidants and antibacterial to the body.

  1. Kadha

When the pandemic arrived, suddenly homemade kadha became popular all over. The preparation is easy and add ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, basil, cloves, carom seeds and black pepper in water and boil these. Add Apis honey to the prepared kadha and you are all set to increase your immunity level. It has anti-inflammatory and stress relieving properties.

  1. Honey almond milk

Honey almond milk has a high amount of proteins, lipids, fibre and energy. It also consists of calcium, zinc, potassium, magnesium and sodium. Honey almond milk requires two spoons of Apis honey, A glass of milk, and a variety of nuts to be added. It keeps you energetic all day long with the extra nutrients present in it. It is also used to relieve constipation and cure bloating.

Apis Dates

Eating Apis dates regularly makes the bone stronger, increases metabolism and improves the functions of heart as well as brain. Early morning eating dates will help you to improve liver and organs and kill intestinal worms. Antioxidants present in the dates help to improve the overall body potential. Apis dates are packed with goodness of  vitamins and minerals i.e 8.05 g of fibre is there in 1 cup of dates (90 gm).

  1. Fruit and Dates smoothie

The best combination of fruit and dates can be considered as an immunity booster meal. This smoothie consists of Apis dates, a variety of fresh fruits i.e berries, apple, banana, grapes etc. and can be decorated with whipped cream with garnish nuts on the top. It is considered to be a high protein delightful smoothie.

  1. Dates and coconut cocoa balls

Dates and coconut cocoa balls are loaded with nutrition and good fat enough to consume single time a day. This ball consists of crumbles of Apis dates, nuts, peanut butter. The round balls can be coated with the crushed coconut and cocoa powder. It can improve the overall health and create an appetite for festival treats.

  1. Dates Halwa

Dates halwa is the best renown recipe of dates ever. This lubricant tasty treat is loaded with a mixture of various dry fruits and nuts. It is simple to make and can be prepared for occasion. Apis dates provide a sufficient amount of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Incorporate Apis Honey and Apis Dates into your daily life which prevents you from illness, bacterial infection and strengthen immunity level.

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