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APIS Honey is delighted to announce that they have partnered with Rajasthan Royals for the upcoming edition of the Indian Premier League. APIS Honey comes in as the leading headgear partner for Rajasthan Royals, with the logo to be sported throughout the IPL by leading cricketing names from around the world. Through this partnership with Rajasthan Royals and their presence in the IPL, APIS would like to further accentuate their stand for a health-driven lifestyle, impacting lives positively and disseminating the importance of healthy living. 

Speaking on this special healthy association was Pankaj Mishra, CEO APIS India Ltd,“During the pandemic, health has taken centre stage in everyone’s lives. Moreover, from washing hands to maintaining a reasonable distance with people outside, to adopting a healthy lifestyle with healthy eating has become the mantra for the people to increase immunity naturally. The synergy between both the brands to work together and drive the message for health is something we are really looking forward to. Rajasthan Royals is one of the most exciting teams in the league boasting a brilliant combination of young Indian talents with International superstars of the game and we look forward to a great association.” 

“One of the best products we can consume for good health is honey which has proven health and medicinal benefits. The importance of Honey is once again in limelight as an effective natural therapy that is capable of reducing acute inflammation through encouraging immune response. Several studies have proved its potential healing capability against numerous chronic diseases/conditions. Even taking honey daily with a lukewarm glass of water has great benefits and helps maintain energy levels.” 

Also speaking on the partnership was Rajasthan Royals’ star batsman, Robin Uthappa: “As a sportsperson staying healthy and fit is imperative and honey is a really important ingredient for that in our everyday lives. Today, given the situation, health is the topmost priority for almost everyone. Having APIS in the Royals family is brilliant and more importantly, it sends out an important message surrounding health and the need to embrace a healthy life, not just for people involved in sport but for every individual. It’s good to sport a brand which is involved in the promotion of health and using the medium to good effect.”

Press Release :

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