Ginger Garlic Paste

Apis India’s latest offering: Variants of Honey and Vedic Kitchen Ginger Garlic Paste

Apis India has also forayed into a new product category; The all new Vedic Kitchen Ginger Garlic Paste. Packing in the goodness of fresh ginger and garlic, this paste is minimally filtered to provide maximum nutrients and pleasant aromatic flavours.
Apis Ginger Garlic Paste

It is often noticed that store bought ginger-garlic paste lacks flavours and come loaded with preservatives. However, the Vedic Kitchen Ginger Garlic Paste is made the traditional way using fresh ginger and garlic in equal measure, pounded to perfection. This way, APIS India ensures that the paste comes to you in its purest form – replete with all its little-known therapeutic uses and health benefits which is available in following packaging’s and prices:

  • Ginger Garlic Paste[25gm] – Rs 5
  • Ginger Garlic Paste[300gm] – Rs 65 (Freebie with every pack)
  • Ginger Garlic Paste[500gm] – Rs 75
  • USPs : Thick & Granny, Distinctive Aroma, No Added Color, Aroma Seal Pack

About Apis India: APIS INDIA is one of the few companies which has been certified with ISO- 22000 for documented procedure that applies to Food Safety framed by International body for Honey. Incorporated in the year 1982, the venture is headed by Vimal Anand, Managing Director and Amit Anand, Joint Managing Director. APIS India is one of leaders in the field of organized Honey trade in India. With its a world class in-house facilities for testing lab; processing and filtration for honey. It has a state of art manufacturing facility spread in over 7 acre in Roorkee with a capacity to process over 100 tonnes of honey per day. With a mission to make pure and natural products a part of consumers everyday life the company has also forayed into Tea; Cookies & Preserves considering the changing purchase dynamics & growing need of the quality branded packaged products.


APIS India one of the leading producer, distributor and exporter of quality honey is offering two healthy variants of honey brands in the Indian market – APIS Himalaya and APIS Himalaya Gold and Vedic Kitchen Ginger Garlic Paste. APIS India has been a pioneer in honey production in India and internationally.

Buy 1 Get 1 Offer

The world class laboratory that stringently holds extensive quality control assurances meets international standards. Restoring the benefits of pure honey, APIS Himalaya has been produced in the same facility. Offering the richness of pure honey, APIS India has announced attractive promotional offers of one plus one for its customers for its 1kg; 500gms and 225 gms packaging. In a market that’s extremely price-sensitive, the two variants are available in following packaging’s and prices:

  • Honey Bottle Himalaya [1kg]- Rs 390
  • Honey Bottle Himalaya [500gm]- Rs 220
  • Honey Squeezy Himalaya [225gm]- Rs 115
  • Honey Jar Himalaya [80gm]- Rs 40
  • Honey Bottle Himalaya [100gm]- Rs 45
  • Honey Bottle Himalaya [25gm]- Rs 15

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