Apis Himalaya Honey : True Source Certified

Apis Himalaya Honey : True Source Certified Honey

APIS India one of the leading pioneer in honey production has True Source Certification, which is an internationally accepted standard of quality honey, the worldover.

About True Source Certification :

True Source Honey firmly believes that consumers want products that clearly identify the origin of the products they consume. True Source Certified® was created to deliver just that – proven country of origin, fully traceable, 3rd party audited, pure honey. True Source Honey takes the position that every container of honey sold in the United States should clearly indicate where that product originated and certify that claim using an independent audit firm. This program has been established under the name True Source Certified® .

The True Source Certified system combines 3rd party audits, product sampling and oversight of container shipments in “High Risk” countries to identify and discourage potential transshipment schemes. While Certified applies to all participants in the supply chain, from Beekeepers, to Processor/Exporters, Importers and Packers – there are two critical areas of focus, the Exporter and the Packer. In order to provide complete assurance of traceability, participants must adhere to all of the elements of the standard. These include proper documentation, use of the True Source Certified® system of identification and in some countries, the use of 3rd party auditors to sample and seal loads in the country of origin prior to shipment.

Getting true source certified Apis India’s honey is of high quality and is measured as highly valued food and is sustainable in the US honey sector and is considered pure which is not adulterated with added syrups or other sweetener extenders or uses any of inappropriate additives in honey production.

Apis India has world class laboratory that stringently holds extensive quality control assurances meets
international standards. Restoring the benefits of pure honey, APIS Himalaya has been produced in the same
facility. Offering the richness of pure honey, APIS India has announced attractive promotional offers of one plus
one for its customers for its 1kg; 500gms and 225 gms packaging. In a market that’s extremely price-sensitive,
the two variants are available in following packaging’s and prices:Himalaya-Honey-Family

  •  Honey Bottle Himalaya [1kg]- Rs 390
  • Honey Bottle Himalaya [500gm]- Rs 220
  • Honey Squeezy Himalaya [225gm]- Rs 115
  • Honey Jar Himalaya [80gm]- Rs 40
  • Honey Bottle Himalaya [100gm]- Rs 45
  • Honey Bottle Himalaya [25gm]- Rs 15

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